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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our Miscanthus Natural Bedding?  Check out the FAQ below to see some commonly asked questions.  Please reach us at if you have any other questions.

What is Giant Miscanthus?
Giant Miscanthus is a perennial grass with bamboo-like stems that can grow to heights of 13 feet in one season. It grows on marginal land and is highly water-efficient and non-invasive making it an ideal crop for many farmers looking to transition away from traditional low-value crops. Because of its incredible deep roots, it is considered one of the world's best carbon-sequestering grasses.
How do you dispose of Miscanthus bedding?
Our Miscanthus bedding is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It breaks down into organic matter much quicker and can be incorporated back into the soil and spread on arable land. It has been proven to act as a great fertilizer and keep grasses greener for much longer. We suggest making a few heaps and rotating them for a couple of months so it breaks down. This should allow sufficient time for it to break down before spreading on the land.
How absorbent is Miscanthus bedding?
Due to the spongey inner core of Miscanthus, which is known as the 'pith' inside the cane, Miscanthus bedding is far more absorbent than wood shavings. In fact, the bedding is so absorbent that any liquid is held in a very compact area meaning you can very accurately lift out the wet material and top-up with new dry material. This means the bedding lasts longer and is more cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, we have been told by satisfied customers that cases of thrush have been significantly reduced due to dryer stall conditions.
Is Miscanthus bedding difficult to muck?
It is easy to muck. The high absorbency of Miscanthus bedding means you remove only the wet material with a much higher degree of accuracy. This also makes mucking much quicker while also resulting in a much smaller muck heap for disposal as compared to wood or sawdust shavings. This significantly reduces consumption and disposal costs.
Do horses eat the Miscanthus bedding?
Fortunately, Miscanthus horse bedding is naturally unpalatable to horses. If you have a "shavings eater", this product is perfect for you.
How long can I store the bedding before it goes bad?
Our bedding is made purely from finely chopped Miscanthus with nothing else added which makes it extremely durable. You can order large amounts with the confidence that quality will not be reduced. Due to it being 100% natural & dry, Miscanthus bedding remains at the same quality from the day you purchase and it does not rot like other types of bedding. We do, however, recommend that bales are kept in a dry place away from direct sunlight as the plastic packaging can sweat and cause some condensation.
Does Miscanthus bedding cost a fortune?
Simply put, no. Miscanthus bedding on a per bag basis is more expensive than most wood chips, shavings, or sawdust products. However, you will require far less quantity (30-50%). And, depending on where you live and your legal disposal/spreading options, we have seen disposal costs drop by 30-60% for most users. Additionally, there is far less muck, reducing labor efforts during daily management.
Is Miscanthus bedding dusty?
Our Miscanthus bedding is dust extracted which helps your animals breathe easier. It also ensures workers don’t inhale dust while making the bed and mucking out. We have had great feedback from our customers that experienced reduced coughing due to the low dust level.
What size is a truckload?
A truckload can deliver 30 pallets of bedding. Each pallet holds 30 - 38 pound bags; so a truck can deliver up to 900 bags
Can I order by the bag/pallet?
Where do you deliver?
How many bags of bedding will I need for initial set-up?
It usually takes 6-8 bags for initial stall set up for a typical 12'x12' stall
Can you provide me with a Natural Bedding vs Shavings cost analysis for my stable?
Yes; please click on the Cost Analysis link and fill out your information. You can expect a 24 hour turn around on your request.