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Current Varieties Grown At Schmidt Farm

Currently we are growing three varieties of hops, Centennial, Chinook, Cascade, Columbus, Nugget and Willamette. 

Centennial - Acid Range (ALPHA %)  8-11%

American aroma-type variety bred in 1974 and released in September 1990 by S.T. Kenny and C.E. Zimmermann, the breeders of this variety. Similar to Cascade and Chinook. The genetic composition is 3/4 Brewers Gold, 3/32 Fuggle, 1/6 East kent Golding, 1/32 Bavarian and 1/16 Unknown. One of the "Three Cs" along with Cascade and Columbus. Centennial is often referred to as a 'Super Cascade', since it has a strong citrus aroma.

Chinook - Acid Range (ALPHA %)  11-13%

This green bine cultivar (W-421-38) was released in May 1985 in Washington State and Idaho from a cross between a Petham Golding and a USDA-selected male (63012M). Slightly spicy and very piney. Its alpha acid content ranges from 12 to 14 %. Substitutes for bittering: Eroica, Galena, Nugget. Substitutes for aroma and flavor: Southern Cross, Sticklebract.

Cascade- Acid Range (ALPHA %)  4.5 - 7%

An aroma variety with well-balanced bittering potential, good for dry hoppingFirst commercial hop from the USDA-ARS breeding program; bred in 1956 and realeased in 1972

Columbus- Acid Range (ALPHA %)  14 - 16%

Part of "CTZ" with Tomahawk® and Zeus.

Nugget- Acid Range (ALPHA %)  12 - 14.5

Released from the USDA breeding program in Oregon in 1983

Willamette - Acid Range (ALPHA %)  4-6%

Popular American development in 1976 of the English Fuggle. Named for the Willamette Valley, an important hop-growing area. It has a character similar to Fuggle, but is more fruity and has some floral notes. Used in British and American ales. A recent taste-test comparison between Ahtanum and Willamette has described some similarity between the varieties.

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