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Dr. Rob Holland DVM
Dr. Rob Holland DVM

Dr. Holland works worldwide in the field of respiratory and infectious Disease. Working with top owners and trainers, as well as governments and facilities, Dr. Holland works to make sure horses are in peak health. He also consults on outbreaks and bio-security to protect facilities.

“Natural Bedding seems to reduce allergies because there is comparably less dust than in the other bedding such as shavings and straw.”

— Dr. Robert E. Holland DVM, PHD, PSC,
Veterinary Specialist

A conversation with Dr. Rob Holland, DVM,

advising on the importance of a clean environment for equine respiratory health. Respiratory problems are aggravated by dust, causing mucus, which may cause bleeding. Natural Bedding contains less dust than than any other type of bedding. It significantly reduces odors including ammonia. Natural Bedding helps control respiratory ailments in horses so horses breathe easier making them more relaxed. Natural Bedding is naturally anti-bacterial. Most other bedding options grow a variety of fungus which may trigger allergy and respiratory issues.

Natural Bedding helps in overall quality which benefits animals and humans, alike.