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Monday, 01 January 2024
Monday, 01 January 2024
Schmidt Hop Farm Spring Tasks.
Sunday, 08 February 2015
Early Spring Hop Plant Management - Schmidt Farm
Sunday, 08 February 2015
Spring Tasks for Hop Plants - Schmidt Farm
Saturday, 08 November 2014
Schmidt Farm Blog
Friday, December 07 2012
Well it looks like it's time again to get ready for 2013.  Here are some things you should be looking to acquire or get on the list to acquire.

Hop Yard Poles:  Here are the pro's and con's for each variety.

Presure Treated Milled Poles:
Pro:  Nice looking, Straight, 20+ years of life.
Con:  Very expensive, around $80 to $100 per pole.
Black Locust rough cut trees:
Pro:  Very hard wood with 30+ years of life.
Con:  Locust competes with firewood and firewood brings more money.
Con:  Cost around $40 to $60 per pole.
Con:  Since logs are not striaight you can get less on a truck to haul.
Con:  Not straight
Con:  Limited supply in NY
Red Cedar rough cut trees:
Pro:  Hard wood with 15-20+ years of life.
Pro:  Straight
Con:  Tree can go from 11 inch width on the bottom to 4 inch width on the top.  Must be carful on which one's you select.
Con:  Limited Supply in NY
Larch/Tamarack rought cut trees:
Pro/Con:  Medium Hard wood sith 10-15+ years of life.
Pro/Con:  Adding wood treatment to bottom can extend life by 5 or more years
Pro:  Straight and keeps width of tree from top to bottom better
Pro:  Price will range from $35 to $45 per pole.
Con:  Must be cut during winter months
Con:  Limited supply in NY
Also keep in mind that delivery can be extra and if the truck doesn't have a way to unload the logs you will need to provide tools to unload.

Rhizomes:  Most orders are done in the January time frame so they can be delivered in March/April for planting.

Coir:  Usually ordered with Ryzones so a large enough order can be made.  Usually takes a few months for cargo container to be shipped.
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