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Schmidt Farm: Providing Supplies for Hops, Bedding, Lumber and More

Looking For HopYard Supplies Coir, W-Clips, Applicator Tools, Plants, Bale Bags, Tensioners, Rope Clips, Cable and more.

We Carry Them Year Round and Have Them IN STOCK

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Animal Products (Bedding, Feed & More)

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We will provide you with a free hop yard trellis design / layout along with a complete materials list of items you will need to build your own Hop Yard.  Supplies are usually delivered within a few days and logs take a few weeks.  Our hop yard design / layout will show you the following details:

  • Where to place your poles within hopyard.
  • Feet between poles, plants and rows.
  • Cable layout
  • Anchor placement
  • Detailed supplies list

Hop Yard designs / layouts take just a day or 2 to setup and email to you.

Fill out our trellis design / layout request form here  ONLINE FORM

Contact us For Details: 585-869-9641