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1-1/4" x 10" x 66" Helix Ground Anchor With Forged Eye
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1 1/4" x 66" with 10" Screw in Helix  / Helical Ground Anchor with forged eye and 10" helix Auger.


Commonly used for securing fences, tensts, small planes, hops trellises, vineyard trellises, storage sheds, orchards, trees, swing, retaining walls, radio antennas, small windmills and much more.  

Holding Capacity is based on Anchors correctly installed in normal soils. Holding capacity is dependent on soil conditions and density. Special installation consideration must be taken in rocky soils. To achieve optimal holding capacity auger anchors must be screwed deeply into the ground to the eye of the anchor. After inserting a metal rod through the anchor eye, screw the anchor into the ground or use a power driver.  

Rod Length 66"
Rod Diameter 1 1/4"
Helix Diameter 10"
Pull out resistance (Hard Pan) 6 - 15,000 lb
Finish Painted Black
Weight 38

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