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Schmidt Farm recommends using Waypoint Analyticls for Tissue Analysis.

Why Choose Waypoint:

  • Price of PT2 Test is $26 per sample.  Use Schmidt Farm as a referral and receive 20% off.
  • Plant Growth Stage testing available (Pre-Flower and Full Flower Testing)
  • Next business day turnaround time is real. Because our labs operate M-F we can consistently supply test results on most standard analyses in one business day without compromising accuracy. 
  • Homogenous data sets can help your company make smart decisions. One standard test, our labs operate with the same methods and equipment, so all our locations produce consistent results. 
  • Quality control without compromise. Our extensive QC program is among the most rigorous in the industry. We include multiple quality and laboratory control samples throughout the entire process to ensure your data is accurate. 
  • Electronic data transfer makes sample submissions quick, easy, and accurate. We work with all major precision software programs, and have our own API for custom data integration solutions. Results are automatically uploaded when complete, and integrated back into your system. 
  • supplies available that can be shipped out to any of the growers. These include forms, plant sampling bags, shipping boxes, prepaid UPS return shipping labels (shipping is free if 20+ samples are in the box, otherwise the cost of shipping is a flat $12.50, regardless of box size or weight).